Folic Acid and the benefits for your skin

Most people first hear of folic acid when they start planning a family. You only need it whilst your pregnant, right?  Wrong. There are so many other health benefits of folic acid.

This amazing vitamin can improve everyone’s health, and give your skin a glow in the process.

So, what is folic acid?

Folic acid is manufactured Folate, otherwise known as vitamin B9. Folate encourages the body to produce healthy blood cells and one of its benefits is it protects against anaemia.

Many foods commonly found in British homes are enriched with folic acid, including:

  • Marmite / Bovril
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Corn flakes and other cereals


You might find your body will appreciate a healthy dose of natural supplements where folic acid is one of the ingredients.

By keeping levels of folic acid under control it can have a profound effect on mitigating the risk of heart disease, diabetes and even depression, as well as making your skin look amazing.

Our Vitality and Wellness supplement has been expertly created to help maintain feminine rhythm.   This broad-spectrum formula contains the highest organic grade, sustainably cultivated herbs, carefully selected to bring you the full potential of nature’s goodness.

It can benefit your skin in 4 ways:


It eliminates toxins from your body and it can result in a significant reduction in acne on your face.


Because folic acid helps to facilitate the development of healthy skin cells, it can help in combatting ageing. Folic acid boosts collagen production which improves firmness and skin tone.


By supplementing your body’s normal intake with this skin-friendly vitamin, you may enjoy a healthier more natural glow.


Folate is an essential vitamin for optimal growth of skin tissue and cell development so vital in everyone’s diet. It’s especially good for your skin and can greatly improve its firmness.


It’s one of the best skin nutrients!

Let us introduce, Siren’s Vitality & Wellness supplement

Vitality & Wellness capsules with folic acid


Vitality & Wellness is a VEGAN APPROVED all-natural supplement, that helps balance your hormones so you can look and feel great, every day of the year.


Women naturally experience several periods of hormonal imbalance throughout their lifetime, and these affect a number of issues, from hot flushes, dry skin, tiredness, the list goes on.

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