Top 5 tips to healthy living in your 50’s

5 tips to healthy living in your 50's
Is it all downhill when we reach 50?


Of course, it isn’t!


Admittedly your body will experience some changes and you’ll probably find you have less time for yourself however there is a lot you can do to pause the ageing body clock.


Preventive steps now can help you roar into your 50s with a healthy body, a strong mind, a great look and a happy outlook.


Here are our top 5 tips for healthy living in your 50’s:


1)   Make regular exercise part of your daily plan


A good starting point is 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week, broken into 30 minutes, five times a week, or smaller increments such as 15 minutes twice a day.


So, plan a short walk every day, whether you are going to the bakery, buying a magazine or a paper, walking the dog, or simply walking around the block when the weather is nice.


Swimming is a great exercise as it’s gentle on the joints and exercises a wider range of muscle groups and burns more calories than walking – so maybe try and fit a swim in once a week.


Don’t forget to also concentrate on staying supple and do a few stretches every day, maybe before your walk/swim.


2) Don’t put up with any menopause symptoms


If you have any menopause symptoms, go to the doctors and get checked out. There are lots of things you can do to rebalance your hormones.


We have a vegan approved supplement that focuses on this exact problem, it’s called Vitality & Wellness and it’s an all-natural support formula for women, containing a blend of high-quality ingredients to help through times of hormonal imbalance, reduced libido, stress and tiredness. These little capsules contain lots of wonderful ingredients like Maca Root, Shatavari, Ginseng and many more and when taken together they really really work.


See below for one of the great reviews we received recently.


3)   Be heart healthy

The risk of having a heart attack increases during menopause. So dramatically reduce this risk with making healthier lifestyle changes like looking at your diet and start helping your diet with supplements.

Vitamin -D, B-12 and Omega 3-fatty acids are all great supplements.


4)   Take care of your skin

Wrinkles, age spots, dry skin and loss of elasticity are all changes that happen to our skin as we enter 50. Because we are specialists in women’s health supplements, we are on hand to help with this too.  By including our Hair, Skin and Nail supplements in your daily routine you’ll be adding the key nutrients needed to maintain beautiful hair, skin & nails! It’s a sure way to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as increase skin elasticity and aid in strengthening nails and hair.

The all-natural supplements ingredients include Collagen, Vitamin C, Iron, Hyaluronic Acid, Grapeseed Extract and Biotin, so you can see why they have such a great effect.


5)   Stay sharp and nap away any stress

Mental exercise is just as good for you as physical exercise. Keeping your grey matter busy with crosswords and quizzes are  is great. Maybe take up a new hobby or learn something new and when you feel stressed at any time, take a nap, meditate and switch off.

A stressed mind equals a stressed body and it’ll show in one shape of another


… and on top of all of this stay social, keep in regular contact with good friends and be active in your community.


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