I’m taking Siren Living’s Hair, Skin and Nail capsules — My Nails Are Stronger than Ever and My Skin is Looking More Youthful.

Lisa review of hair skin and nail capsules

This blog was born out of a conversation with a customer who was repeatedly buying our Hair, Skin and Nail supplements.  It’s not uncommon to see immediate results like these, and we jumped at the chance of sharing these proven results with you. ☺


In her early 50’s Lisa, a busy working mum of two, first noticed her nail health had deteriorated during pregnancy and, as a knock-on effect, Lisa had been visiting the local nail bar every fortnight to have nail extensions.


When all nail bars were closed during lockdown, Lisa had no alternative but to remove the false nails and look after them herself. She came across our Hair, Skin and Nail capsules and gave them a try.


Lisa has now been taking our Hair, Skin and Nail capsules for around 6-months. But  She was amazed when she noticed a considerable difference in just 4 weeks! Her nails were stronger, healthier and she noticed they grew a lot quicker too.


Being a busy working mum, Lisa found she used to break or chip a false nail at least 2-3 times a week, getting them replaced or repaired when she next visited the nail bar. But in the 6-months of taking our HSN capsules, Lisa has only broken 2 nails in total. One of these was when she fell over in the park and put her hand down to break the fall.


Can renewed nail health and strength really come from a capsule?


In a nutshell, yes!

Lisa left us a lovely review a few months back, and you can read it here.

Below is a before and after photograph of Lisa’s nails.


Amazing results from taking Siren Living Hair, Skin and Nail capsules
Amazing results from taking Siren Living Hair, Skin and Nail capsules


The biggest difference…. Wow! 

My nails!!!! Honestly cannot believe it…


You can view a detailed list of ingredients here under the ‘ingredient’ tab or a summary below.


Our Hair, Skin and Nail capsules are an all-natural maximum triple-action support that many men and women may need to have as a top-up.


Hair, Skin and Nail capsules
Hair, Skin and Nail capsules


Lisa also noticed a massive difference in her skin too.


A friend of Lisa’s commented on a recent photo, and it made her think the capsules must be helping in another way.


Below is another before and after photo of Lisa.


The before picture was taken a year ago, in her friend’s hot tub.

The after picture is the one her friend commented on.


Her chest looked perfectly smooth and less wrinkly. When Lisa looked back at previous photo’s, she was horrified but obviously a lot happier with the more youthful look she had gained over the summer and can only put it down to the capsules.


Amazing skin results from taking the Hair, Skin and Nail capsules
Amazing skin results from taking the Hair, Skin and Nail capsules


Lisa is thrilled with the supplements and the effect they seem to be having, and she is going to long continue with them. She’s not only happy with the money she’s saving on the fortnightly nail bar bills, but the precious time she is saving too.


One bottle of the HSN capsules normally retails at £15.95. However, you can buy your first bottle for £5.95 to trial it.


One bottle = one month’s supply.


If you’d like to give these Hair, Skin and Nail capsules a try, head over to the shop here and enter the code HSN1MONTH at the checkout.


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